Pre-purchase inspection

The pre-purchase inspection consists in making an attentive visual inspection of the building to establish the physical state of its systems and their components, as noticed on the date of the inspection, and to prepare a detailed report. Because the purchase of a house is generally the most important transaction of your life, it is essential to know its state to mitigate any imperfection or irregularity. When problems are found during the inspection, we gladly explain their nature and the way to fix them. They could also allow a renegotiation of the sale price.

Pre-sale inspection

Have our experts provide you a detailed pre-sale inspection which will give you the current condition of your property before putting it on the market. We shall estimate the repairs needed to attract buyers and sell quickly. We shall give you points to improve to sell in confidence and be in control of the transaction. The inspection will reveal defects which are visible. You will so have your mind in peace and there will be no unpleasant surprises when a buyer will want to have your property inspected.

Pre-reception inspection

Before taking up a house recently built, you have to inspect it to see if your contractor fulfilled his commitments. It is not because it is new that it is built well! We can make this work for you.

Here is of what consists an pre-reception inspection:

  1. Make the complete tour of your house. Verify if all the works are done completely and note accurately all the elements to be completed or to be corrected (a badly adjusted door, a scratch in the bathtub or on a countertop, etc.). 

  2. Pay particular attention to the additional works needed to make the house perfect.

  3. Fix a deadline with the contractor for these works or corrections.


The infrared thermal imaging is a non-destructive and very effective technique to diagnose the condition of a building. The main applications are, for example, the detection of wet zones (water infiltration or plumbing leaks), the search for defects of insulation or air infiltration.

The infrared thermal imaging is the easiest and fastest method to detect heat loss, humidity and electric problems in the building. An infrared camera indicates exactly where are located the problems.

About the infrared camera

The infrared camera is an essential tool for the inspector. During the inspection, the analysis of the thermographic images provided by an infrared camera allows to locate quickly and effectively the defects that could go unnoticed to the naked eye.


Meticulous inspection with several photos shots to identify the defects to be corrected. 

Outside inspection (leveling, structure, cover, doors, windows, roof, foundation, etc.)

Inside inspection (floor, ceiling, wall, plumbing, electricity, heating, humidity, ventilation, etc.)

Summary of the inspection with the customer and the owner.

Detailed report with photos of all the major components of the building. A summary of the imperfections and personalized recommendations. Within 48 hours.

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