After the inspection of the property, INSPECTIONS PREMIUM will submit you a detailed report in the next 24 to 48 hours.

This report will consist of:


  • all of which was observed and examined by the inspector;

  • the impossibility to start up certain devices;

  • the observation of any sign of water infiltration in the building or significant condensation on components of the building;

  • a summary of the elements that require an immediate or major repair or that represent a dangerous situation;

  • photos to illustrate the conditions of all components;

  • any other information or observation noted during the inspection.



We shall give you an accurate view of the systems and the structural components, including:

  • the foundations;

  • floors;

  • walls;

  • Beam and posts;

  • ceilings;

  • roof.



We shall give you an accurate view of:

  • the outer wall covers;

  • windows and doors;

  • projections (terraces, balconies, flights of steps, etc.);

  • fronts-roofs, including fascias and sub-faces;

  • the vegetation, the slopes of the ground, the streaming of waters, entrance of garage, entrance pavement.



We shall give you an accurate view of:

  • the roof cover;

  • water evacuation system;

  • solins;

  • lanterns, outside of fireplaces and emergences.



We shall give you an accurate view of:

  • pipes condition and water distribution;

  • devices and faucets;

  • the functional debit of water;

  • the possible leaks;

  • the harmful connections.



We shall give you an accurate view of:

  • the service entrance;

  • the device of general protection, the main panel and the side panels of distribution and their location;

  • the nominal intensity and the tension of the installation;

  • the functioning of a representative number of installed devices of lighting, switches and plugs;

  • the polarity and the ground of all the placed plugs: near the internal devices of plumbing; in the garage or the shelter of automobile; on the outer walls of the inspected buildings;

  • the functioning of the differential circuit breakers.

Note: the inspector has to indicate the presence of any aluminum cable in the circuits of diversion.



We shall give you an accurate view of:

  • the main generator of heat and its source of energy;

  • the heat distribution system;

  • the usual mechanisms of putting on;

  • the automatic devices of safety;

  • the presence of sources of heat in every livable room.



We shall give you an accurate view of:

  • walls, floors and ceilings;

  • steps, staircases, balconies;

  • cupboards and counters;

  • windows and doors, including those separating the livable spaces and a garage;

  • walls, doors and ceilings separating the livable spaces and a garage


We shall give you an accurate view of:

  • the insulation of the not finished attic;

  • the presence of vapor barrier;

  • the ventilation of the attic;

  • the type of insulation;

  • the clearance for combustible materials around the fireplace.

A detailed inspection report that gives you an accurate view :

Territoire desservi par Inspections premium: Région de l’Outaouais de Shawville, à Maniwaki et Lachute, en passant par Hull, Aylmer, Gatineau, Val-des-Monts , Thurso, ainsi qu’Ottawa et sa banlieue.

Area served by Inspections premium: Outaouais region of Shawville, Maniwaki and Lachute, through Hull, Aylmer, Gatineau, Val-des-Monts, Thurso, as well as Ottawa and its suburbs.

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